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  - Michelle Cheong

Michelle is a self-taught artist and a supporting member of the Federation of Canadian Artists Association. Watercolour is her favourite of all the mediums and Realism Painting is her main focus at the moment. Although watercolour is considered by many the hardest medium to master, she simply loves the magical elusive nature of watercolour; its versatility and dynamism provide endless opportunities for creativity. She is also constantly evolving, exploring other mediums such as acrylic, oil, mixed media, resin and trying her hands on different crafts.

Michelle grew up in Malaysia but left the country after high school to pursue her studies in the United Kingdom. She lives most of her adult life in the UK and has more than 10 years working for several international companies in the IT and Telecommunication Industries. She holds a postgraduate degree and is a doubled qualified accountant (FCCA and CMA from UK).

In search of a better quality of life, she emigrated to Canada. She possesses a strong inclination to teach and enjoys building social connection with people. In the early years, her first passion was playing the piano and developed a hobby for painting after coming to Canada. An unexpected opportunity arose to have her own studio and the idea of being a full-time artist was purely a happy evolution.

Ming_2012-06-09 15.16.30.jpg

She truly believes, "Nobody knows where art and our imagination could take us. Experimentation is part of the fun for being an artist. The opportunity to spend time for artistic expression is all worthwhile and the intangible richness it provides is immeasurable. Art and music could lift our spirits and fill our souls in such a profound transcendent manner that is beyond the expression of words. No one could really put a finger on their definitive values but just stop for a while and imagine a world without art and music, the quality of our lives would be considerably diminished". 


She hopes the journey to be an artist gives you as much pleasure as it gives her. 


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