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Hippo Art Studio is offering Painting Parties for kids & adults.

1. Costs
a. Kid & Teen Party Costs (min. 8 kids or teens)
    - $28 per kid ( gst included in price & min. 8 kids) 
(Note: Extra charge of $5 per adult who are not parents/grandparents of the birthday kid.)
    - $30 per teen (gst included
 in price & min. 8 teens)

     - The studio provides one hour step-by-step painting instruction and another hour for celebration.
     - Hippo Studio will take care of all the art supplies.
     - Participants are responsible for food, drinks, plates and utensils themselves.

b. Adult Party Costs (e.g. parties for birthdays, bridal, bachelorette, corporate events etc)
    - $40 plus gst per adult (min. 7 participants & upto 25 adults)
(Note: 2 hours of painting instruction. Price does not include food and drinks)

c. Adult Paint & Sip Party Costs
    - $50 plus gst per adult (min. 8 participants & upto 25 adults)
(Note: 2 hours of painting instruction. Price includes wine, beer and snacks servings)

2. Party Activities Selection
    - Adults' Artwork Samples
    -  Kids' Artwork Samples

3. Policies

4. For more information, please call 604-474-1936 or fill in the Contact Form below:


Thanks! Message sent.

Gallery - Pick Your Painting Samples

Adults - Acrylic Paintings
Adults - Watercolour Paintings

Kids' Parties - Polymer Clay | Mixed Media | Acrylic


3. Policies

Please allow for at least two weeks' advance booking to avoid disappointment and also art materials take time to organize . We do not offer refund. However, the party can be postponed to another date if notification is given 7 days before the date of the event.

We need one day for painting to dry and 3 days for clay items to be baked. They will be ready for pickup after these periods. Our policies is to only allowed artwork to be stored for two weeks. Please note there will be no phone calls as reminder for their pickups.

1. Cancellation and Transfer

We do not offer refunds but you can transfer the credit to another workshop as long as it is at least 24 hours before the commencement of the workshop that you originally booked. We cannot provide a transfer after that time. If the changes require less money, the balance will be credited for future workshops.


2. Attendance

Please try to arrive on time to ensure you are not missing out on any instructions for the workshops and also to prevent disruptions to other attendees. Instruction will commence within 5 mins of scheduled start time. If you are 15 mins late; you may not be able to join the workshop which is at the discretion of the instructor.


Only the registered students can attend the workshops. We do not have space for observers. If it is a family workshop, then both parent and child are registered.

3. Artwork Storage

We have limited space for storage; hence, our policy is to store artwork for only two weeks. Please remember to pickup your precious artwork within this timeframe. Paintings can be picked up within two days, while oven dried clay will take three days. Please note that we will not be calling you for artwork pick-up.

4. Family Workshop

All children under 5 years old must be accompanied by adults. Children at that age must be supervised at all times. Maximum two children per adult.

5. Party and Event Policies

Please refer to Parties and Events Page (Select from the Menu).

6. Social Media Publication

All photos taken within the art studio relating to art workshops or party activities could be used on social media for marketing purposes. By registering or attending the classes or parties, you are indirectly giving consent to Hippo Art Studio to publish these materials. 

7. Clothing and Personal Belongings

Please dress for mess so that you do not have to worry about ruining your clothes. Our art supplies may stain or unable to wash out of your clothing. Try to wear something casual, loose and comfortable. Hippo Art Studio is not responsible for any damages to clothing or any damage/loss of personal belongings.

8. Release of Liabilities

As a participant and/or the legal parent or guardian, you release and hold harmless to Hippo Art Studio, its owner and employees from any liabilities, claims, demands and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by the participant and/or the undersigned, while in or out of the premises under the control and supervision of Hippo Art Studio; or in route to or from Hippo Art Studio premise.

9. Medical Emergency

By registering, you hereby declare any physical/mental problems, restrictions or conditions and/or declare to be in good physical and mental health. In the event of emergency, you give permission to Hippo Art Studio to seek medical treatment for the participant if they are unable to reach a parent/guardian. 

Party Costs & Policies
Pick Your Painting
Acrylic Paintings
Kids' artwork
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