Hippo Art Studio is offering Painting, Polymer Clay & Martial Arts Parties.

1. Costs
a. Kid & Teen Party Costs
    - $25 per kid (up to 10 kids). Add an extra $5/person if polymer clay is used to create the art piece.
     - $15 per extra kid (between 11-15 kids)
     - $30 per kid (between 16-20 kids; extra staff required for over 15 participants)

     - The studio provides one hour Painting Instruction or Martial Arts Instruction; and 45 mins party time.
     - Hippo Studio will take care of all the art supplies.
     - Participants are responsible for food, drinks, plates and utensils themselves.

(Note: Extra $50 on top of the with unique normal costs if you wish to host a Special Theme Party with unique decoration.)

b. Adult Party Costs (e.g. parties for birthdays, bridal, bachelorette, corporate events etc)
    - $35 per adult (up to 10 adults)
     - $25 per extra adult (between 11-15 adult)
     - $30 per adult (between 16-20 adult; extra staff required for over 15 participants)
(Note: 2 hours of painting instruction. Price does not include food and drinks)

c. Adult Paint & Sip Party Costs
    - $45 per adult
(Note: 2 hours of painting instruction. Price includes wine, beer and snacks servings)

2. Party Activities Selection
    - Adults' Artwork Samples
    -  Kids' Artwork Samples

3. Policies

4. For more information, please call 604-474-1936 or fill in the Contact Form below:


Painting Parties

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Gallery - Pick Your Painting Samples

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